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Welcome by our School photo order website

On this website, you can order your School Photo Pictures. Thereby we have a lot of choices in products and discount sets, like Print-to-Plate, Canvas, Mugs, Bags, Crystel Cubes and a lot more.


For your safety, use always an up-to-date browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher) or Safari.


To make it easy to you, we have the ordering process divided into steps


Step 1: Choose image

Start with the Login process on the home page. You can use the Login Flyer(s) which you got from the school and add the Login code and password. If you have multiple Login Flyers push on the link ‘Add another Login flyer’.

In the left uppercorner you can by ‘Change Image’ (if available), choose another Image of Login Flyer.


Step 2: Choose Product

1: Choose Image and Product

  • Choose your Image by ‘Change Image’ in the left uppercorner, if available you can choose from different pictures.
  • Choose the category of the products and you can see all the products of the choosen category
  • Choose your product


2: Set product

You can see the basic information of the product. By clicking on it you can see more
            information about the product (if it is available).

            Would you like to change the picture, put a decoration about it, a magazine cover,
            click ‘change and order’. You are now in the editor and can zoom in or out, move,
            rotate or make a decoration around the picture.

Push now on ‘Confirm’ to save the edited picture. This picture is put automaticly in
            your Shopping Card.


Step 3: Shopping Card

1: Click on “Checkout” and your Shopping Card will be opened. If desired, you can make any changes.


2: Click on “Checkout Order” to continue the Payment process.


3: Enter your information. You can also give a different delivery address, for example if you want to surprise someone.


4: Check the box if you are agree with the terms (if you click on the link of the terms, you can read them first before you agree) of agreement.


5: Click "pay" and you will be directed to the safe payment area of ??the ABN AMRO internet box where you can indicate how you want to pay.
On the payment page you can choose between "Credit Card", paying with "iDeal" directly by your bank or "Manually transfer amount". In "Manually transfer amount" you can also make payment with your regular bank transfer. This last method will take a few more days.

Step 4: Confirmations

To be able to follow your order, you will receive multiple confirmations by e-mail.

  1. You receive a confirmation of your order
  2. You receive a confirmation of your Payment
  3. You receive an e-mail when your order is produced and ready to be send to you



We gives high priority to the safety, security and privacy of our clients. Therefore, we keep your data in a secure environment to protect them against unauthorized use. You can verify this by verifying that you are working on a secure webpage while entering your data and processing your payment.

We protect each photo with a unique login name and password. You only decide who will see that picture. Therefore, we recommend that you only pass on these credentials to people you trust.

Your information is used exclusively for the handling of your orders and is not provided to third parties. Please read our Privacy Statement (see bottom of page).


If you have a question, or you will contact us. Please fill in the contact form in the menu ‘Contact’, by e-mail to or by Telephone on working days between 09:00 AM till 4:00 PM on our telephone number +31 (0)320 275200.